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Bass Drum Practice

Bass Drum line practicing in the auditorium. Look at the concentraition on them!

Amanda and Becky

Amanda (front) and Becky (back) spending time working through their music at band camp. It was Hot in there!

Becky, Jon, and Amanda

Becky, Jon, and Amanda (left to right) workin out the music. Who said playing mallets isn't fun?

Dana and Dan

Dana and Dan cought by surprise. Dana shows off her mutilated mallets, while Dan shows off the black board with our famous band camp phrase

Dave and Becky

Me and Becky (non-percussionist). This is a really bad picture of me after a frusterating day of drum line work.

Heidi and Dana

Heidi (left) and Dana hacking out some parts.

Joel and Matt

Joel and Matt sportin the new drum line summer look. They are stylin.

Joel's Nuts

Not really, but use your imagination.

Jon's new look

Jon after eating a 3 foot kilobasa in one sitting.

Jon's Pole

No comment.

Pit Box

The ritual painting of the Chain Box at band camp.

Bill painting

Bill painting the Chain Box.


Becky (pit)


Jon (pit)


Bill (pit)

Ryan Gutsch

Ryan Gutsch (assistant percussion director)

Niiki Hakala

Niiki Hakala (assistant percussion director)

Chain Box

Admiring the freshly painted Chain Box. Pit looks in awe.


Logan (bass)

Look at me!

Look at me! I have mallets growing out of my shoes!


The drumline looks like a hurd of cattle as it tries to find what drill spot they are in.


Naureen (snare)


Dana (pit)


Andy (pit)


Tyler (bass)


Logan (bass)


Does Naureen catch it or not?

Veronica and Ryan

Veronica and Ryan, need I say more.


Ryan (bass)


Joel (tenor)


Dan (pit)


Heidi (pit)


Veronica (snare)


Adam (snare)


Amanda (pit)

Heidi, Nikki, and Niiki

(left to right) Heidi, Nikki, and Niiki (notice the I's), making the official drumline wife beaters.

Heidi and ?

Heidi and some other band person who I don't remember the name.

Naureen is goofy

I don't know what to say about this picture, really goofy is all I can come up with.

Ryan with a sunburn

Look how red Ryan is, I wonder if he was at band camp in the sun at all???

Marching Basics

Look at the line!!!

Awww Yeah

Marchin basics!

Ryan in action

Ryan Gutsch in action with his all mighty head dress.

Veronica in pool

Veronica in the pool, Ryan (head dress on right) thinking about jumping in as well.

Water Toys

Who says we have to grow up, we still like water toys.

Smackin the Sac

Passing time playing hackisack.


The pit transforms a PVC pipe, dry wall screws, and BB's (which and adult had to buy) into a genuine Rainstick.


Matt (snare)


Eric (tenor)


Nikki (bass)

Percussion Staff

Percussion Staff (left to right) Niiki, Ryan, and Dave (me)

Ryan's tape job

Ryan taping some mallets to get rid of the blood stains.

Naureen, Adam, and Veronica

Naureen, Adam, and Veronica (left to right) testing their skills at band camp to try and come up with the wildest visual ever.


Naureen, Matt and Eric at a practice.

Niiki and Jon

Jon and Niiki Marx,

Scortched Earth

The bass line still makes a presence on this scortched earth from days of marching in the extreame heat.

I need a ladder

I need a ladder, a tree just won't do.

Pool Baby

Ahhh, the pool.

Full Drumline Rehearsal

A view from a top of the band room looking upon the drumline practicing the last day of band camp.

Full Rehearsal

We were inside, it was over 100 outside.

Full Rehearsal with Asbestos Removal

Did i mention they were removing Asbestos from the band room.

Three dudes.

Three bass dudes.

Madison Scouts and us

Picture of the DCEDL and the Madison Scouts Bass Line.

Pit's Drillset

Jon asks,"Do we have to stay out here the next week, our drill set doesn't move for the pit the whole show!"